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Compliance: Helping manufacturers meet regulatory requirements

As part of our ongoing dedication to the needs of our manufacturing clients, QCG partners with manufacturers from within the DiB (Defense Industrial Base / DoD supply chain) to work with them, helping them to ensure that their organization is prepared for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) audit and certification. QCG can provide the help you need across the full-spectrum IT security support, as it relates to CMMC. We strive to ensure that you’re prepared for certification and beyond. 

What will QCG deliver on?
QCG works side-by-side with you to ensure you’re fully prepared for the CMMC audit. Through a structured outline and report, you’ll have a clear sense of gaps and processes to amend your cybersecurity plans to meet certification requirements. But our relationship 

​Challenges of Manufacturing Compliance Management
U.S. Manufacturers are faced with challenging ethics and compliance risks and regulatory requirements. The common characteristics of U.S. manufacturers differ from other industries; generally speaking, manufacturers maintain more employees, and have more widely dispersed footprint. Manufacturers can often have multiple facilities, with highly interactive and regulated operations, involving multiple processes and people. These common characteristics, combined with the multitude of applicable regulations can be quite daunting. Many of the regulations related to manufacturing relate to workplace safety and health, while others regulate global employee behaviors, how to do business in international markets and best business practices in a dynamic marketplace.

The best approach manufacturers can take is to ensure that every employee, from the executives to the shop floor machinists to the custodial staff need to be aware of and committed to regulatory compliance and a culture of ethics and respect. Even after promoting compliance throughout your business, help is often still needed to achieve compliance with the technical regulatory obligations. If you are one of the many manufacturers who do need help in this area, QCG is here for you. QCG will work with your organization on your GRC needs, helping to anticipate and navigate regulatory obligations, ensure change control, manage risk intelligently and harness the competitive advantage of compliance.​​

CMMC Certification Preparation


won’t stop there, QCG takes it a step further with the ability to become your long-term partner by carrying the cybersecurity responsibility with you for years to come as your trusted team of Information Security experts.

QCG’s cybersecurity clients
We support primarily manufacturing clients, including those manufacturers who are defense contractors. QCG is based in Massachusetts, so our primary focus is clients from New England, but because our work is performed remotely, we are capable of supporting clients nationwide. We strive to be your partner for CMMC compliance.

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