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Why engage QCG for your Cybersecurity needs?

Our offering combines the best of man and machine to cover your organizations' holistic cyber security needs, We have experts who can help with everything from proactive preparation to threat mitigation, threat detection, cybersecurity awareness training for employees, and emergency response (following an incident, such as a virus or malware infection, security breach or hack attempt).

The QCG advantage:

  • Unrivaled human expertise
  • Vast experience with DoD requirements and other complex security needs
  • Superior technologies for threat prevention and detection
  • Customer-first approach with all of our services
  • Managed Services which are customized to your organizational needs
  • Audit & assessment services for your security practices and / or policies
  • Staff augmentation, short or long term, to help keep you protected.
  • We offer monitoring services, such as periodic review of logs, consoles, etc.

Email/Spam Protection for Businesses

Email is the number one entry-point, used by spammers and cyber-criminals to gain access to your business. These attacks range from system-clogging adware which can slow productivity to Trojan viruses and ransomware which can stop production entirely. It is estimated that 65% of corporate email consists of spam. To stay safe and productive, your business needs to filter out this malicious content and QCG offers cloud-based email filter to Email/Spam Protection service can do just that.

Cloud email filtering service from QCG receives all email, filtering out the spam and viruses before it is passed on to your email server, reducing the load on your server by more than 50% and helping to protect your users mailboxes from the steady onslaught of these messages, loaded with the same threats that cripple businesses, large and small, every day. The cloud-based email filtering service serves as a gatekeeper to identify and block these unwanted messages as well as the email-based hacking attempts.

The benefits of QCG’s Email/Spam Protection include:

  • Immediate defense against spam, phishing, viruses & ransomware
  • Attackers can never directly connect to your mail server (Since all mail gets

          delivered to the cloud-based email spam filter & then forwarded to your server)

  • 24/7/365 proactive and reactive email monitoring and threat updating
  • Redundancy, with multiple filters in the cloud
  • Improved email searching and archiving functionality

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