​​Quality Consulting Group, Inc.

Reliable IT Support for today's cost-conscious business. 

How we work with our clients
We have a different way of working with clients, that allows us to build deep trust-based partnerships with our clients, which often endures over many years. It is based on a few powerful and pragmatic principles tested and refined over many years of consulting and research. We “listen and partner," rather than “analyze and tell.” We help ensure that our client’s internal IT teams are fully engaged, and their talents are leveraged, we understand our role is to augment your team and offer advice. We strive to create a safe space for your team members to engage in productive conversations about the issues that matter most to the success of the project at hand. We help unleash the energy and creativity of everyone involved, ensuring they each possess a sense of ownership to deliver solutions they are excited by and can commit to. We ensure that collaboration permeates the entire team, maximizing the benefits to our client's bottom line.

The QCG teams thought process, planning and efforts are motivated by and tied to the resulting success of our clients. For 17 years, we have dedicated this degree of effort to our clients, and, in return, we've earned their loyalty; this ongoing dynamic is the reason why over 90% of our business in 2019 was from returning clients.

Honest conversation
Situations can arise where clients may be otherwise tempted to hide differences of opinion and avoid hard truths, thus undermining real collaboration and performance. We believe in creating safe environments, where conflicts and hard truths become discussable, where issues are argued on their merits and where true collaboration is fostered to perpetuate the success of our clients.

Sustained synergistic partnerships with our clients
We work hard to build and sustain synergistic partnerships with our clients. We work closely, helping our clients leverage their internal resources and existing solutions before discussing outside alternatives. When a client’s needs cannot be satisfied through internal resources, we are committed to ensuring those needs are fulfilled. We can support a broad range of technical needs and will quickly assign our most talented and experienced technical resources. At QCG, we give our word that we will always prioritize our client’s needs; our most talented technical resources will never work on a pre-sales engagement if a client needs their services.

When it is time to consider a new solution or there are infrastructure related needs, QCG is there to help, we provide a flexible and scalable suite of solutions to fit almost any requirement. QCG is much more than just another managed service provider, to our clients, QCG is a dedicated strategic partner.

Our Methodology